Kanaal A NZ 39A
7881 KH Emmer-Compascuum
The Netherlands
T. : +31 (0)591 851965
M. : +31 (0)620 544618

Welcome on the website of De Jonge Maritime.

We are a young maritime company with more than 180 years of maritime history in our family. We deliver nautical and technical shore base assistance for short sea vessels and supervise during audits, inspection and nautical and technical repairs. 

The trade area for m/v Alana Evita and m/v Ennio Marnix, who are under our DoC, is worldwide with project cargoes for the offshore industry and special construction or heavy cargo, containers, constructing material, chemicals, steel, forest products and bulk cargoes like ore, cool, grain, fertilizer, potash, stones and salt. For information about chartering of the vessels see contact details,

Motor vessel, "Alana Evita" and "Ennio Marnix" got there names from the daughter and the son of Gerhard and Andrea de Jonge who are the founders of Alana Evita Shipping and Ennio Marnix Shipping. All our officers and deck crew are STCW certified. Quality, Safety and Environment are important key issues.